Nialler9’s New Irish Music: Touts, Interskalactic, Bitch Falcon & more

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK Bitch Falcon – Syncope Video by Kate Dolan There’s a lot to be said for a music video that makes you want to join the cast of delinquents even if the gang of “stun huns” go too far in their antics and steal a dog. Joshua Burnside – Blood Drive (Ryan Vail remix) The Northern Irish singer-songwriter will release Ephrata, his album conceived and inspired by Columbia and its music. R.S.A.G. A new EP Doves & Ravens drops next Friday. Following in Sharkey and Co’s footsteps’, Derry band Touts deliver a short-sharp burst of Strummer-soundalike punk to jump around a messy bedroom and play air guitar to. Brién – Hoke From new Extended Play 061 compilation feat ten Irish nuggets of house and techno and also featuring Ejeca, Bobby Analog and Quinton Campbell, Brién’s contribution has a summer-facing jazz electronic flavour to it. Everything about this video and song is badass. Same band, same viewpoint, but evolved. On his new song, Kilkenny man Jeremy Hickey is more sonically engaging than ever, growing his palette in the process. Kennedy has been co-writing with producers Charlie Hugall, Koz and Carey Willetts and if tunes like this are on the cards, he should keep it up. NEW ARTIST OF THE WEEK Touts Pressing play on Sold Out is as close as a 21st century kid will ever get to understanding the thrill that their parents got at their age when they put the needle on the record of a 7” single from The Clash or The Undertones. Catch them at pretty much every festival going this summer. AE Mak I Walk Already in their short career, Aoife McCann and Ellie McMahon have demonstrated a flair for creativity, passion and performance on a debut EP and live shows which make considerations for things most young artists are only grappling with – costumes, dance, style and overall sound. Meet You There One of the most proficient and multitalented drummers in Ireland has never limited his skillset to the kit. RELEASE OF THE WEEK Interskalactic – Interskalactic EP It can’t be easy to get a soccer team-sized number of musicians together to play tunes, nevermind to find 11 players who want to play ska. If earlier songs were grating with their overwhelming positivity to some listeners, I Walk adds some textured maturity to things. This song has received more than 300k streams in less than a week. Yet Interskalactic, who have a solid live reputation for skanking tunes, have cobbled together for long enough to write and record six original ska tunes inspired by the originators like Prince Buster and The Skatalites. A song that starts out in almost mumbling mode grows in stature and production where it sounds to this listener, whisper-it, like a song that has Hozier levels of opportunity. Blood Drive has an undeniable José Gonzalez feel to it and Derry producer Ryan Vail augments that the track with texture and ambience with his take. SONGS OF THE WEEK Dermot Kennedy – Glory Dermot Kennedy’s new song is one of those goosebump-inducing new artist anthems that are rare.