Remember Ireland at Christmas? Not like this you don’t

For more info on these, or any other items in our collection, please visit us via your preferred chartered helicopter service, or else find us online at and We have, however, often thought about what it would be like if we were we to entertain such inquiries from such unwelcome thickos. In this vein, and perhaps to deter people from coming here only to be forcibly removed, we thought we’d offer a little glimpse at our most treasured Yuletide objects, a glance at dear old Ireland from those grand, forgotten days of Christmas past.

When people arrive at our humble archive, a common refrain at this time of year is “have you anything Christmassy?”. We are not open to the public, so such questions are met with withering scorn and – more than likely – the threat of physical violence. As the country’s premier library of artefacts from our nation’s past, we here at Remembering Ireland HQ know fine well what place Christmas holds in the Irish imagination.

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